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Do you have a party-like-a-rock-star income set aside? No? It’s all bills, savings and sensible spending? Is that why you spent sleepless night studying in college; or why you’re burning the midnight oil at work?

Enough is enough! we’re here to provide you with an opportunity for great extra income that will allow you to finally live a little. We use network marketing to help well-educated white-collar professionals like you build wealth and use it for anything but paying off their student loans.

Working with us is your chance to take advantage of:

  • A system that is a lot easier to build comparing to what most traditional network marketing businesses offer. We can make participants profitable in their first month.
  • A way for you to make good money and have a lot of free time to spend with family, friends or just doing your hobby.
  • You will get paid in American dollars and free travel. How about that?

My name is Rodney Bukuya and I am founder of The Super Guy. A few years ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer. All the interventions I went through and the suffering of my family made me question the white-collar experience of working long hours and never having enough time – or enough money, for that matter. I used my 20 years of experience in researching investment strategies to create the ultimate money-making machine that provides tremendous value and wealth to all our clients.

The system I’ve created has already helped many hard-working individuals get the income and lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of. It can help you too!

Simply click the link below to watch our video or complete the contact form and i’ll be in contact with you to teach you more.

This is the first step to receiving our help. After this you will be invited to meet with one of our representatives to discuss your longer term wealth creation strategies.

If you are a self-motivated doer who wants more out of life and isn’t easily swayed by broke people’s opinions, this opportunity is for you. Start living the dream – apply today!



Rodney Bukuya (ADFS)
(Adv. Dip. Financial Services(Financial Planning))


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