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About You

You’ve been working for a few years now and your career is going well but you’re starting to worry about the future. Everywhere you turn, people are starting to lose their jobs to automation. Those that aren’t seem to be working longer and longer hours for less benefit. 

You’re determined to build wealth and enjoy a great lifestyle but how do you transition to a new career, without taking on a massive study workload and an equally massive student debt to go with it.

Many of your friends are starting to talk about network marketing. And to be honest, you’re a little shocked.

Is it all hype and bad choices, or can you really build a future for yourself in this much maligned and misunderstood industry.

How do you even pick a good company to join? Which is the right compensation plan? Will you really lose your friends? Will you become “that” guy?

Lots of questions to be answered and now you need someone to help you decide if network marketing is a smart choice for you, after all, some people aren’t cut out for this industry.

You need someone to help you gain a greater understanding of the industry itself.

The truth, the lies, the mistakes, the opportunity.


You need help from someone with 20 years experience in creating wealth for clients in a professional capacity,

You need me.

About Me

I wasn’t born into money but got my first taste of it when I started my first business at the age of 8.

With a love for hard work, it didn’t take long before my weekend schedule was full.

I realised quickly, that I could make additional money by hiring out my siblings and cousins and taking a cut of the income and thus the entrepreneurial flame was lit.

Alas, my mother didn’t like the use of words such as Financial Empire and Dark Overlord being used to describe her children and that business, though well planned was stopped in it’s tracks. (Damned Rebel Alliance)

I was born in the 70’s, grew up in the 80’s and worked my ass off in the 90’s. This was supposed to be our generations recipe for success.

But there were some keys missing and so in 1998, I embarked upon a journey into Financial Planning, to learn about wealth, where I was lucky enough to find a mentor to employ me while I was studying.

In the nearly 2 decades since, I’ve helped thousands of clients develop simple strategies to accumulate wealth and dozens of other financial planners,grow and market their own businesses.

Some, because of their commitments have achieved modest goals goals such as paying off their home loan or increasing their super before retirement.

Some, have achieved retirement 20 years earlier than their “due date”.

Those with loftier goals and incomes, have added millions to their nest eggs and still do, to this day.

The thing that sets me apart from most Wealth Coaches, is that I operate from the ‘Keep it Simple’ play book.

Confusing and overly technical strategies serve only to stroke the ego of the adviser presenting it to you.

Let’s meet and see what we can do together to get your wealth and lifestyle headed in a better direction.

Call me on 0411 016 869 between 9am and 2:30pm Weekdays to arrange a daytime appointment.

Or simply, send me a message via Facebook.

I look forward to working with you soon.


Rodney Bukuya (ADFS)
(Adv. Dip. Financial Services(Financial Planning))


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