Nooses for godparents

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When you considered who would be the most appropriate person or people to care for your children in the event of the death of you and your partner, you probably considered things like, their ability to be a good role model, their ethical platform, their religious beliefs, their honesty & integrity and of course their ability to provide a home full of love for your child.

But what about money?

Did you stop to think about their ability to provide for your child. Do they own their own home? Do they complain about the size of their crippling mortgage or the fact their own 3 children are eating them out of house and home. Do they have good income? Or is the addition of your own children likely to send a stay at home mum back into a workforce she doesn’t want to be part of. Can you imagine what the supplanting of your children would do to a struggling family’s goal of owning their own home.

You could be setting up your children for a life of resentment.

Think about the children that you might be godparents for. You might love them and have nothing but good intentions for them but if their parents were to die in a car accident tomorrow, would the care of their children be at the detriment of your own.

You might be quite satisfied with a 4 door car for you and your 2 children but the addition of your friends child or children may necessitate the purchase of a much larger vehicle. You might never get to take your children on that much-anticipated trip to Disneyland as finances don’t seem to stretch as far as they used to. Or worse still, you might have the simple goal of providing better education opportunities for your children than what were available to you but no longer can.

My recommendation? Review your life insurance and your Will. Make sure that you have enough cover to provide for each other should one of you die. Then discuss what you would like to see happen for your children should both of you die. Then implement changes as necessary, first with your life insurance adviser and then with your solicitor.

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