Sex. The Real Reason You Should Be Wealthy.

Sex and Marriage. Not mutually exclusive.

Cashed up and ready for love.

Where did we go wrong? How did we end up in a society where we value in-animate objects so highly that we jeopardise our relationships to obtain them?

How did we end up working 70 hours a week while our children sit at home surrounded by multimedia for their connection to the outside world?

And how did we ever get to a point where more than 50% of marriages and other dependent relationships end with financial stress being given as one of the principal reasons?

If the GFC has taught me one thing, it’s how valuable my relationship with my wife is. I’m one of those annoying guys that loves big romantic expressions, large bouquets of flowers, a limo to the ballet with a bottle of Pol Roger to enjoy on the way, weekends away in another city with massages and a shopping spree thrown in for good measure.

I’m also one of those guys that love nothing more than packing my back pack and travelling to another city for the weekend. Sometimes, to visit family members who are spread all up and down the eastern seaboard, literally from Launceston to Brisbane. Others to visit my best friend who lives in a foreign land. Perth, Western Australia

The start of the GFC was closely followed for us by the arrival of our twins. It took both of these events combined with a couple of bad employment decisions for me to learn how important my relationships are to me.

Debt kills sex

Let’s be clear. Debt itself can be a wonderful tool to achieve so many wealth creation goals. Where debt becomes a killer from my personal experience and that of helping others for the last 14 years in my role as a Financial Planner is when it is used to purchase things we can’t afford or have no need for.

Buying too much house is an all too common mistake many people make. Your first home need not be a McMansion. If your friends judge you unworthy because you choose to live in a home that is within your means, you need better friends, not a better house.

And yes, I’ve had lots of people tell me they can’t live in a cheaper home because they’re actually worried about what their friends will think.

I’ve seen relationships torn to pieces because a couple is working their butts off to service a mortgage on a home they never get to spend anytime in.

And, not surprisingly don’t have time, energy or money to worship each other as they once did. It’s no shock then that sex becomes a rarity in a relationship like this. And I mean good relationship building and soul satisfying sex, not the transactional sex that you force yourself into.

If you find that you’re not spending as much time with your loved ones as you wish, then perhaps the new financial year is a good time to re-assess your goals and priorities.Is it time to downsize your home so that you’ve got money to buy investments? Investments that will ultimately enable you to spend more time with the people you love.

You might not have a desire to build a Gina Rinehart or Richard Branson level of wealth, but you certainly deserve to have an unencumbered roof over your head, food on your table and plenty of disposable cash to take your special someone on a dirty weekend away.

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6 thoughts on “Sex. The Real Reason You Should Be Wealthy.

  1. Kathryn Hodges

    Yes Yes Yes … I’ll have what she’s having …
    The manageable mortgage, the man with energy left to spare on himself, on my, on our family ….
    Oh, nothing sounds sexier than that!
    Maybe Keith Urban 🙂 Except here’s not here, and my man is
    K xxx


    1. rodneybukuya Post author

      I understand the appeal of a superstar who sings from his/her heart.

      The problem is that Hollywood et al have us believing that this is the only way love is expressed.

      One of the greatest gifts I got from reading The 5 Love Languages is learning not just how I express love but learning to watch how my wife expresses hers.

      She’s still married to a dork but I’m getting better at understanding her love and more importantly for someone like me who struggles with empathy, I’m beginning to recognise when she’s hurting.


    1. rodneybukuya Post author

      I think it’s going to take a massive cultural shift before more men embrace being themselves and enjoy who they are as individuals.

      Once, our pain is dealt with, then we can start spending our time and effort on things that actually matter.



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