Is Money Filling Your Belly But Draining Your Soul? Thats What Happened To Me.

Where did it all go wrong?

It may not sound like the done thing to say in this day and age but I love money.

I love what it does for me. I love the beautiful things and wonderful experiences it brings to add value to my life experience.

I love the opportunity it brings to improve the lives of others whether in my direct circle or by the hands of third parties through my love of charitable giving.

Surely then by extension, if I make more money then I’ll have even more valuable experiences with which to decorate the hallways of my memory.

But I’ve noticed, over the last few years, something that I wasn’t prepared to consider as a younger man, when I still thought I was in control.

I noticed that when I was focused on making money, I was constantly stressed about not having enough. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do all the things I wanted to or change the world in my own small way.

In short, my focus on money was killing the joy for living life by my own rules. I was no longer congruent with myself. I had become a slave to my money master.

And yet when I look back at the times in my life when I’ve had more money than I needed. When I’ve had more than enough money to cover all my costs and share generously with the people I love, it’s been when I was doing everything but thinking about the money

It was when I was working in area’s that challenged my brain or my body. It was when I was enjoying working hard for the sake of working not because of some future reward

And so for a little while now I have started moving back towards a new path of learning. A new period of personal growth and career exploration. And a new period of feeding my soul.

In the past, I would ask myself what the 5 year result would be for the decisions I made and actions I took. Now, like many other people seem to be doing at the moment. I search only, for opportunities to be re-connected with my true self and for new ways to share my renewed joy of living with those whose paths come into contact with my own.

Will you add your thoughts and comments to this post and help me find new values to heal others who still think that chasing money is the key to wealth and riches?

One thought on “Is Money Filling Your Belly But Draining Your Soul? Thats What Happened To Me.

  1. Pauline

    I love this Rodney, and I agree. Everyone I’ve heard says you need to chase your passion and help others, and the money will come… but if you chase the money, it’s not so good. Find your values, do something that aligns with that, and your life will be fulfilling!

    I wish you happiness!! 🙂



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