Credit Card Maxed out? Awesome!

Rodney Bukuya

How on earth could this be a good thing you ask.

This questions harks back to my original intent for writing these articles and that is to simplify financial advice and the answer is equally simple.

Once you have reached your credit limit, you have to stop spending and therefore can limit your damage.

So how can we use Credit card limits to our advantage?

Today I’m going to give you a scenario to think about that I see on a regular basis and you can decide whether the picture I’ve painted approximates your life. If so, help is at hand

A new client comes to me and as part of their position, state that they have a $20,000 personal loan for a car and a credit card (they got for emergencies) which is now at it’s limit of $10,000. Conventional wisdom states that this client should pay off their…

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