Businesses With Integrity. Who’s Looking After Your Kids?

Who’s looking out for her when she’s away from home.

What is the most important asset of your business? If you’re like me, then then you believe that the people employed by the venture are more important than any product, service or property. This obviously includes the business owner.

I’ve often wondered how employees are treated in different industries to my own and by different employers within each of those industries. My own experience has been really great and despite all the different roles I’ve had since i left school 23 years ago, I’ve only ever had one position I regretted.

It was always my assumption that all employers felt the same way despite the voracious appetite for whinging that most of our trade unions have. Imagine then, my surprise when I witnessed a young lady, unlikely to be older than a teenager, sacrifice her personal safety for nothing more than a container of money.

Scenario: I’m sitting in a local shopping centre enjoying a coffee and doing some writing when the fire alarm goes off. I don’t know whether to describe the ensuing scene as a comedy of errors or a disaster waiting to happen.

The best example of a business caring for it’s people in this case was a small business that grabbed their 4 members of staff and walked them straight outside with a “just leave it and go” admonishment to one of their team that started to lock up.

The vast majority of businesses were in distant second as they pulled all their stock inside their shops, collected their purses and locked up before walking outside.

Worst of all though, was the well known franchise that employs and supposedly trains lots of young people. Whether this teenager was not listening at the time of training or the training was not effective quickly became irrelevant when I noticed that the one member of staff that was on duty at that time of the morning, had not only taken the time to lock up her employers business but was also now standing in the car park holding a clear plastic tub full of cash.

It’s likely that the cash was only the previous days takings and this days float but it was enough for me to become concerned for her welfare.

It would have taken mere moments for a person with lesser morals to assault this young lady, relieve her of the cash and be up and running the street. Sure, they probably would have been caught but that teen would have relived that day for the rest of her life. Long after her employer had been compensated for the financial loss.

I’m not suggesting that a young lady cannot look after herself but as a parent, I should be able to trust that the people who profit from my childrens efforts are doing their best to care for their investment. My child.


6 thoughts on “Businesses With Integrity. Who’s Looking After Your Kids?

  1. Pauline

    I have to agree, your people should always, ALWAYS be the most important part of your biz. However, knowing which biz to which you’re referring, I believe the owner who founded that does believe that, and that this poor girl has either missed that part of the training or the franchisee didn’t make it clear enough… at least I hope that’s the case.

    I have heard many stories of people who’ve been in robbery situations where they’ve successfully foiled the robbery and been disciplined or sacked because they disobeyed the directive that in the event of robbery, they are to hand over the cash without any argument. All employers for whom I’ve worked have had the same policy – your life is worth much much more than any cash ever could be. More cash can be earned, your life is priceless.


    1. rodneybukuya Post author

      Thank You Pauline, I’m glad you responded. Your answer reminds me of your concerns the other day regarding training for customer service.

      Being a teenager, there was probably a high likelihood that the initial start day training has all but been forgotten except the stuff she needed to sell product.

      Teaching personal responsibility and care should be the job of parents and then once young people enter the work force. Job specific training should not just be given, but regularly tested.

      I also agree that people trying to thwart perpetrators of armed hold ups should be sacked. It’s not heroic, it’s friggin stupid.


  2. Maureen

    I always worry about young people working late and handling money. Not that they’d steal it but that they don’t have a lot of experience to recognize danger. That’s where good management and proper adherence to the operations manual is critical, just as you point out.


    1. rodneybukuya Post author

      Unfortunately Maureen, we don’t live in an innocent world anymore. Training in these area’s is required b y law (I think) but more needs to be done.

      Regular training and re-testing should be compulsory.


  3. Krishna_Everson (@KrishnaEverson)

    Wow. I think this calls for a media report. Honestly. It’s so easy to forget what is important. So many elements are flagged with this situation. The importance of regular followup training, charter of values, money handling, safety, common sense!! I think this is at least 3 blog posts Rodney! I think you said it above in your comment about personal responsibility. What are we responsible for, what are we not? Where are the boundaries? Employers have a duty of care. It sounds like this franchise needs to revisit their procedures.



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