3 Steps To Measuring And Improving Your Optimism.

Increasing Your Optimism.

I’ve always been amused at people who tell me that the best way to change my life is to think more positively about it.

That’s fine but do you have something tangible to help me right now? A tool that I can use to measure where I’m at and then improve on the things that are important to me?

Today, I thought I’d share a tool that I was once given to help me. You’ll be surprised at how effective it can be.

Step 1

Write down the top ten things that you think about. (Career, Family, Health, Contribution, Money etc.) Rate each item listed on a scale of one to ten with 1 being very negative and 10 being very positive.

Step 2

How do you feel? Do your ratings show a generally positive nature or are there area’s that need some work? Which area’s need the most work?

Step 3

Starting with the item with the lowest score, think about how that item would look in your mind if it was improved. The level of improvement will be limited by your own belief systems but don’t be too conservative and don’t create an image that you can’t believe in yet. Sometimes you need to crawl before you can walk.

Once you’ve got that image in your mind, write it down on a piece of paper with as much detail as you can. When you’ve finished it, have another look was there something you forgot because you excitedly rushed past it. If so, add it and review again. Keep reviewing, until you’re happy that what you’ve written down is an accurate reflection, in your own words, of the image you have in your mind.

You might even find that the image is becoming grander as you write. This is a natural side effect of the act of deliberately expanding your mind. Smile, that’s great news.

Once you’ve finished the lowest rated item, continue with the next until you’ve created a new image in your mind for every item on your list including the one you currently feel the most positive about.

Don’t expect to finish this task at one sitting, though some of you might. Each item that is worthy enough to make your top ten list deserves your time and consideration. Once you’ve finished, sit back and read the document you’ve created in it’s entirety for that will be your road map until you’re ready to review it and start the excercise again.

When that time comes, I wish for you a life far greater than you can currently see.

3 thoughts on “3 Steps To Measuring And Improving Your Optimism.

  1. Madonna

    You are quite right Rodney. Telling someone to ‘think’ more positively is pretty much a waste of time, because the problem is not a problem of thinking. It is a problem with feeling. Most everyone confuses the two. The easiest and fastest way to FEEL differently about anything within minutes is through tapping.



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