Nutrition. Your Fat Body Is Smarter Than You.

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A much younger man

Have you ever eaten a really massive meal and then within an hour gone looking for something else to munch because you feel “picky”?. It doesn’t make sense. Afterall you’re still feeling stodged and you’ve already changed into your stretchy pants but you keep wandering over to the fridge to see what else is in there that may satisfy that urge you have.

What about this. You’re out late night shopping and sitting down to a snack in the foodcourt when you notice that the people in line at the Sushi place are on average 3 clothing sizes smaller than the ones in the McDonald’s line.

And when you were buying your groceries, the shopping trolley that was loaded to the brim with crisps, breakfast cereals, bread and biscuits was being pushed by a lady who was as round as she was tall. While the sweaty physique you saw that looked like they had just walked out of the gym only had a hand basket. A basket that contained nothing more than fruit and veges plus a couple pieces of steak.

There’s a number of reasons for the obesity epidemic that’s tearing our society apart. Some are psychological, while most are a result of poor nutrition decisions or lack of physical excercise.

My health and nutrition history.

Over a little more than 2 decades I have participated in the following sports and pursuits: Judo, Boxing, Rugby, 7’s Rugby and Body Building plus I got a bit of a kick for fun runs for a little while, despite the fact that I’m not designed well for such a pursuit.

All of which are sports that require manipulating your body size and composition at different times and for different purposes. Packing a scrum at Tighthead for Rugby requires a completely different physique for the same position in 7’s while Judo and boxing are sports that are competed in weight divisions. But as any gym bunny will tell you, it’s body building that teaches you the most about nutrition and hormone manipulation for aesthetic purposes.

It was in the bowels of sweaty, noisy gyms that I learned how to time meals, fluid intake and resting to elicit a response in my physical appearance.

And it was in this environment that I learned a very simple rule. A rule that I wish I had known many years earlier and one that I’ve only just returned to, now that I want to improve my overall health. A need that was delivered to me via a swift kick up the bum from my doctor.

Bodies eat nutrition not calories.

It makes sense doesn’t it? If you fill your stomach with food that is calorie dense but nutritionally sparse, don’t be surprised in an hour when your body drags you back to the fridge on the hunt for more. You may feel full but your body has been searching through the contents of your stomach for the nutrients it needs to keep it running efficiently. If it doesn’t find them, it’ll send signals to your brain that you need to hunt for more food.

Don’t believe me? Try this: For the next 28 days, try having one or two pieces of raw food with every meal. It could be an apple before breakfast, a carrot before your lunch and a side serve of salad with dinner. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel and your pants will probably fit better too.

Final thought.

Despite what the lazy food marketers keep telling us, your body is estimated to need 30% of it’s nutrition from fats. Dietary fats and body fat are two different things but I’ll leave that idea to another time.

For now, just think about feeding your body nutrition instead of just filling it up. Please share your experiences in the comment box.

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    “Nutrition. Your Fat Body Is Smarter Than You.
    | TheSuperGuy” was in fact a excellent blog. If it included even more photos it
    would most likely be possibly even far better. Take care ,Leonor



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