A Last Minute Valentines Day Idea For The Budget Conscious Bloke

A journey beyond.

A journey beyond.

So fella, you’ve just gotten over the drama of buying the right Christmas gift, The Easter egg display at your local Supermarket reminds you that it’s your turn to plan this years Easter vacation and then smack bang in the middle of that, seemingly out of nowhere, comes the not so subtle reminder that Valentines Day is just around the corner and the painful memory that your girl was the only one in her circle of friends that didn’t a gift. You even believed her when she said she didn’t want any flowers.

Cold night on the couch?

It seems harsh to call it a strategy but I thought I’d share a Valentines gift idea with you that will not only cost you very little money but will actually earn you a boatload of brownie points. The items you’ll need for this gift are readily available at your local cheap shop or dollar store.

Step 1 – The Gift – The Jar of Love

This is one of the simplest gifts you will ever give your significant other and yet it will most likely become one of the most treasured.

Messages of Love will be cherished forever.

Messages of Love will be cherished forever.

Start by purchasing from your local cheap shop: One of those multi coloured note blocks, usually $2. Then buy a preserving jar, which is usually not more than $5. All you have to do now is to write short messages of love to your girl and fill the jar.

Your messages don’t all have to be corny. They can be funny, they can be cute or they can be as simple as “I love the way you hug me on a cold night”. Looking for cute messages and quotes on Google won’t help. She’ll know it’s not your thoughts. They just need to to tell her what she means to you.

Step 2 – The Mood -The Music of Love

Some couples don’t already have favourite playlists or CD’s for creating romance in their home. If you fit this category or you’d just like to change it up a bit, why not do a search for a love music playlist on YouTube. Be careful though. This is an easy trap for new players to get in. Some so called love music will make you want to cut your wrists. You want music that will enhance the mood, not kill it. Here’s a playlist that might help get you started.

Step 3 – The Love Game – 20 Questions

Now for the Grand Finale, The piece de resistance that will remind her that you are truly great for her, in spite of all the really dumb things that you do. And let’s face it, if you’re anything like me, there’s lots of evidence for that discussion, but lets stay positive.

The object of the 20 Questions game is simple. Your mission for this game, if you choose to accept it, is to learn as much as you possibly can about the woman you love. You as the host and entertainer are only allowed to ask questions of your partner. And if you mistakenly ask a question that results in the response Yes or No (A closed question) follow up with the question “Why?”

The actual number of questions that you ask will be different for each couple but eventually you’ll get to a point where she’ll probably cry because she’s telling you things she’s always wanted to say but you’ve been too busy to listen. Your only task now is to hug her.

I’ll give you the first question to get you started: “What do you most want me to know about your life?”

Happy Valentines Day Guys.

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10 thoughts on “A Last Minute Valentines Day Idea For The Budget Conscious Bloke

    1. rodneybukuya Post author

      I’m really glad that you loved that question. I’ve used many variations of that in different settings over the years from personal to professional.

      It cuts through outer defences pretty quick and helps build the foundation for a very strong relationship.

      A variation I’ve used to great success when meeting new people is: “What question have you been waiting your whole life for someone to ask you?”


  1. Maureen

    It’s all about the thought, isn’t it? You took the time to think about her with every card you wrote for the jar. Women love feeling valued.


    1. rodneybukuya Post author

      Yep, it took me two days to sit and hand write each of the messages I wrote for my, now wife.

      To this day, she brings the jar down sometimes and reads the messages to our girls.


  2. Ros McLaughlin

    This is lovely Rodney, all women want their man to understand them, where they’re coming from, their thoughts, dreams, wishes, fears and to take the time to listen, absorb, respond and hug!


    1. rodneybukuya Post author

      Thanks Ros, we want to understand you as well. You’re so perplexing to us. You’re beautiful, fun and interesting and then all of a sudden we’re on the outer and we don’t even know why.



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