Say No To The Biggest Loser Bullies. Say No To Channel Ten

This girl needed help, not bullying.

This girl needed help, not bullying.

Good Old Channel 10. By pure chance, Channel Ten have, at times in the past been hosts to wonderful programming but more often than not, they seem to be the nothing more than the home of material less interesting than yesterdays Weetbix. More recently 10 bought us such incredible commentary as Being Lara Bingle and Bikie Wars and when they realised they hadn’t yet scraped the bottom of the intellectual barrel, The Shire.

But it is the The Biggest Loser which raises the hackles of anyone that can think for themselves for more than two minutes.

There’s so much wrong with this show, that it’s a joke. If we were truly concerned about the possibility of a game show contestant expiring we wouldn’t be voting them off the island. We’d be committed to providing a medium that allows that person access to actual help.

Anyone who has ever competed in a physique contest, dieted to make a sports weight category, or even read a book, will know the importance of of caloric supply while introducing new loads.

You cannot take normally sedentary people, drive them like cattle while simultaneously cutting their dietary intake to that of a 12 year old girl without destroying the hormonal balance needed for a humans body to operate properly.

Sure, they’re destroying themselves with their current lifestyle but replacing one bad system with another is just stupid. We may as well use a night at the casino to replace their television watching. Where they’re  at least standing and there’s the chance of winning money, right. It’s the same dumb logic. 

And lets focus on the money for a minute. I’d love for someone to explain to me how $100,000 is enough profit sharing, to allow another human being the opportunity to publicly treat you in such a manner. Anyone who battles weight issues, hears those words already. Everyday, in their head, when they stand in front of a mirror.

Surely, contestants on these shows deserve a much bigger reward. The financial benefit that networks make from shows like The Biggest Loser, MasterChef and Big Brother demand bigger rewards for it’s participants. Can’t you win $200,000 on another show, just for opening a briefcase.

What irks me more than anything else on this show, is the lack of caring and bullying techniques. They have this incredible opportunity to directly change the lives of a dozen  people each year and influence thousands of others, yet squander the opportunity.

Where are the interviews with psychologists, where are the teaching seminars. Why are the school jocks (PT’s) shown to be the font of all knowledge. There are some really great PT’s out there who have helped thousands of people lose weight during their careers.

But for most people, it won’t stay off until someone takes them down a dark tunnel and forces them to face their demons. This is a journey to be taken with a trained and educated professional, such as a Psychologist. Success in one field, does not make thee a specialist in everything. despite what our own media release may tell us.

I used to enjoy this show, because I’m smart enough to see the mistakes in the advice given and the competitions structure. I also used to enjoy the thought that there maybe someone out there, that may use the examples they’re shown as motivation to seek professional help from their GP. I especially, used to enjoy seeing people change their lives in front of us.

Now though, I’m a parent of children that are old enough to understand the demonisation of fellow humans, who will learn from this show that it’s OK to bully other people, if you’ve decided it’s in their best interests.

So my family will take the segments allotted to The Biggest Loser and use that time to excerise. Not just because we want to show our children that being active is a healthy option for a better life but because doing things together builds stronger individuals and stronger families.

So thank you Channel 10 for pushing me to be even more involved with my kids, it’s just a shame your sponsors get no benefit because of the format in which you’ve chosen to present your “entertainment”. What do you think? Is it OK for a TV shows contestants to be bullied?

5 thoughts on “Say No To The Biggest Loser Bullies. Say No To Channel Ten

  1. Amanda Foy

    I wonder if there will be a day that this kind of television is banned. Someone will have to die before they’ll do anything though I reckon. 😦


    1. rodneybukuya Post author

      I think you’re right Amanda. It’s interesting that show that publicly bullies people is actually allowed on air. Good PT’s support their clients, they push them, they bend them, but to break them is just horrible.

      There’s no way, I can watch this anymore knowing the effect it could have on my children.


  2. Jodi stone

    I’m a supporter of you Rodney, but not on this topic. The trainers may seem harsh to have contestants face their demons on national television, but if it was easy then I guess the contestants wouldnt be on the show in the first instance. This is a life changing experience. How do I know, well I have not been on the biggest loser, but I have the privilege of being trained by a former contestant Lydia from Tasmania who has fought the battle and now is a personal trainer. She still supports the biggest loser, not because she has to but because this is her way to give back to those that have supported her through her struggle. As for the money, what price can you put on saving your own life… I would have thought that the benefits far out way the $$ and to save your own life is priceless!


  3. Ads

    Come on. Have the strategies they chose worked in the past. Ice cream for breakfast, not everyone responds to ” will you please stop eating that food, choose fruit and veggies, go for a walk around the block” Agreed there may be things that could be done better, but what can’t be improved. Bullying, so soft, you sometimes need to find the leverage to make change. I would also love to see all the contestants stay for the entire period to facilitate real change in everyone. I use the show to educate my kids on the benefit of eating well, of exercising, of having compassion, of using food to hide emotions, of utilising their mental strength to go beyond what they believe is possible. On making real change, of feeling great about themselves. I guess it’s all in the meaning we give things.


  4. paulineferguson

    If you read some of Ben Elton’s satire, and I highly recommend Chart Throb (and I guarantee you’ll never encourage anyone to go on “reality” tv again), you’ll see that the idea is not to help people, it’s to “make good telly”. Actually helping people isn’t good telly. Bullying people, shaming and humiliating them, even driving them to the edge of a stroke (and you can bet anyone actually having one would be shown in every single break and teaser) is good telly.

    … and in another way, they’re pandering to those of the public who think that being overweight, fat, obese, porky, chunky, cuddly or in Cartmann’s words “festively plump” IS just a personal choice of the person who is, and that they should “put the fork down and back away slowly”. There are also those people who are in the above overweight category who think that way (secretly) and actually think they deserve to be punished and so they’re content, if not happy, to watch someone else be vicariously punished on their behalf.

    I think you’re right, there’s a lot more behind this, including psychology, diet, environment, economic and socioeconomic status… as well as those who just plain love food and hate exercising. However, that’s not good telly. 🙂

    … and if you’re talking money, do the maths on how many people vote, how much that’s earning the show, and then figure in how much advertising being sold (and the value of that advertising goes up if there’s an incident) and then figure in your $100k. 🙂



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