Social Media Presence

What value do you place on Social Media participation for new recruits?

What value do you place on Social Media participation for new recruits?

I’m probably asking this question in the wrong place. Most people who read online articles are Social Media (SM) converts and evangelists.

In the not too distant past, Social Media was seen as a play space by employees and employers alike. Over the last 18 months, both sides of the employment fence have come to realise what many Self Employed/ Visionary people have known for a long time.

Social Media is a seriously powerful tool.

So how does it change the employment landscape from your point of View?

  • Would you bother hiring someone that had no social media presence?
  • Do you believe Social Media participation negatively affects performance?
  • Would you pay a higher salary to someone that has a strong, for your industry, SM presence?
  • Would you, pay them less?
  • Does Social Media participation, still play no part in your hiring decision?

These are just some of the questions that various industries are starting to ask. What are your thoughts? What is the treatment of Social Media in your industry?

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2 thoughts on “Social Media Presence

  1. paulineferguson

    For me, it would depend entirely on whether social media was part of their job. If they needed to have that to perform their job correctly, then yes, it would be important. If not, then no.

    That said, I’d probably google them and if their facebook page had numerous posts of them at the beach partying with friends saying “best sick day ever – boss thinks I have the ‘flu” then quite possibly they’d be bumped a bit further down the list. 🙂


    1. rodneybukuya Post author

      Hi Pauline, I think social media is everyones responsibility. From the highest levels of the executive suite to the lowliest mail room boy, everyone who draws income from an endeavour has an obligation to spread the message about the organisation that supports them.

      Even an auditor, can drop in a post or tweet that says, they’re busy doing end of month reports etc etc. No matter what role we play in an organisation, we carry that organisation with us everywhere we go. In Australia, the second most commonly asked question between strangers is: “What do you do?”. between friends, it’s even more ingrained “how’s work?”. A social media policy for all functionaries, encourages open communication from and about all levels of your business. The old days of separating personal life and work life are long gone. If you spend 1/3 or more of your day living in an organisation, then there’s going to be crossover. A formalised policy helps guide acceptable use and encourages communication.

      I’m hoping the days of employees sharing ‘best sick day ever” type posts are dead and gone.



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