Jessica Higdon’s 4 Step Facebook Strategy

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Rodney Bukuya

Jessica Higdon and her husband Ray, are fast becoming some of my favourite network marketing trainers. I think I love them as much as I do, Eric Worre.

If you’re in network marketing or direct sales and aren’t connected to any of these guys, you’re doing yourself a serious dis-service.

Over the last year, I’ve been spending lots of time laying on my couch recovering from the last of my bowel cancer related surgeries and while I’ve been mostly lacking in energy and unable to do much, I have been able to fill my time reading interesting blog posts and  listening to webinars. I haven’t had the mental energy to be able to focus on books unfortunately.

One particular webinar that i keep listening to, is Jessica’s Facebook strategy which she boils down to  4 simple and easy to do steps.

4 Step Facebook Strategy

  1. Identify Local Leaders
  2. Get an appointment
  3. Be the leader
  4. Build your relationships

1. Identify local leaders

This step really has two important points and I’m so glad that Jessica raises them.

The first point is the issue of locality. One of the downsides of social media in my opinion is that we’re so busy connecting with long lost childhood friends and influential people all around the world, that we’ve almost forgotten how to build relationships with people in our neighbourhood.

This might be fine if Facebook is just a pleasurable escape after a busy work day but for those of us that are building careers in network marketing or direct sales, we need to remember that humans love real physical contact.

Even us introverts need the touch of real physical presence sometimes.

Tip: Use Facebooks friend search feature to connect with people in your own city. It’ll be easier to build a relationship with a prospective distributor if you can physically meet them for coffee occasionally.

Looking for leaders, is the second point Jessica Higdon makes here and it’s a very important one.

Up until you joined your business, if you were like me, you added people that you grew up with, your friends, family and as a result may have the average of 130 friends on Facebook. Self employed people typically have a lot more.

If you’re going to get serious about building a network marketing business and you want to take advantage of attraction marketing strategies instead of bugging your friends all the time, you’re going to have to get serious about the relationships you build.

This means, you’re going to have to get picky about who you’re building relationships with and how they’re influencing your life and newsfeed.

Tip: Communicate with people of integrity and purpose in the FB groups and pages that you’re in. Send friend requests to those you relate to and who live in your city. Take advantage of the 5,000 friend limit.

2. Get an appointment.

The very thought of getting an appointment with a prospect often brings up lots of fear with so many people that they don’t do it. At all. And almost guarantee that they will become another network marketing statistic.

And I believe the reason for this is simple. Unless you’re in a sales based career, most people are paralysed by fear at the thought of rejection. It doesn’t need to be like this. It really doesn’t.

Instead of creating a sales environment with a Yes or No Ultimatum as it’s goal, why not lower the pressure on both you and your prospect and treat the meeting as an opportunity to share.

Most sales trainers will explain to you that many deals aren’t done until a prospect has been in front of you at least 5 times, so back the pressure off and go have coffee with a view to making a friend before you even pitch your business.

Who knows, you might even find that they’re not really the sort of person you want in your business anyway.

Play the long game and use the opportunity to ,learn all about them. Find creative ways to get them to talk all about themselves. Remember, there is no sound sweeter to ones ears, than the sound of our own voice.

Tip: Use the F.O.R.M approach to ask open ended questions and keep the conversation flowing.

  1. F – Friendly
  2. O – Occupation
  3. R – Recreation
  4. M – Message

3. Be The Leader

When you first joined your networking business, your upline coaching team probably told you to grab hold of their coat tails and have them share the opportunity with your prospects and help with follow ups.

The truth is, that while we all want to help everyone in our teams grow, until you do it yourself, it is somebody elses business. Until it is you sharing your presentation, then you are not yet in control of your own destiny.

If you’re not yet ready to share your business yourself, can I recommend you practice it as much as you can. You won’t learn as quickly by watching others. You’ll learn when it’s you walking through your presentation on your computer or with pen in hand in front of your white board, even if your pets are your only audience.

Tip: Immerse yourself in all the leadership training you can find the time and budget for. For me, I really struggle to sit still and pay attention in webinars and I need to listen to audio’s when I have a pen and notebook in hand but I can read books all day long.

Find the learning delivery style that best works for you.

4. Build your relationships

  Forget all the slick closing lines, nothing will help you create a business like building relationships. And to build relationships, nothing will do it like adopting an attitude of service.

I don’t mean how well you service your customers or team members, though that certainly contributes, I mean how well you add value to the people in your life.

If you’ve built your Facebook friend list to 5,000 or whatever number you choose, what are you posting that adds value to their lives?

If you have a professional background, are you posting hints and tips from your world that can help your friends. Have you found a restaurant that is really great at creating a fun environment for families? Give them a shout out. Both your friends with kids and the restaurant itself will love your effort.

Serve and Engage. If people are commenting on your posts, it’s usually because they’re appreciative of the value you’ve added to their lives, even if it’s just a joke they’ve giggled at. Use those comments as a means to build deeper relationships by replying to their comments.

As your relationships deepen, you’ll be invited to more opportunities to meet people in the flesh, either one on one or in a group environment. The depth of those relationships have nothing to do with the number of friends you have and absolutely everything to do with the effort you put into building them.

Over time, opportunities will arise to share your business opportunity or products and you won’t have to worry about approaching people that don’t want to know about it, because the right prospects will approach you first.

Tip: Instead of sending a standard “add thanks” message to people who accept your facebook friend request, use the opportunity to engage in a conversation with your new friend.

Scan through their profile, find some points you can relate to or converse on and go from there. You’ll create instant rapport with your new friend and shorten the time it takes for you to build trust with them.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, this is just my interpretation of Jessica’s webinar. I hope you find it helpful in your network marketing journey.

Thank you for reading this far. I look forward to seeing you on the beaches of the world.

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