Stop Selling, Start Solving

montegoOne of the great problems with Networking Marketing is that it’s so freaking awesome.

How is that a problem? you might ask.

When ever something has the capacity to change lives as significantly as our industry can, there will inevitably be a small percentage of people that become a little zealous and through their excitement, literally start running around cramming their message down peoples throats.

Unfortunately, all this achieves is to put potential prospects offside and creates a bad taste in their mouths for the next time someone has an opportunity to share with them. An opportunity that may be just the solution that person needs, but is now opposed to because of their previous experiences.

Talking isn’t selling

Some people have mistakenly been led to believe that they are good sales people because their mouths are always open and their lips moving. This is simply not the case and is not helpful in our industry when there’s already a wall of resistance being pushed against us already.

Selling is Selling

He who asks the questions, controls the conversation.

I think, this was the one of the most powerful pieces of sales advice, I’ve ever received. It’s powerful in network marketing business presentations, it’s powerful in product demonstrations and just quietly, it’s pretty damn powerful in the dating world too, but my wife reads all my blogs, so we’ll not elaborate on that too far 😉

Solving Problems

One of the first steps, you’re usually told to take when you join this industry, is to make a list of all the people you know. These people become your warm market.

But what about making a second list, a solutions list. What problems does my product suite solve?

Don’t just focus on the dream stuff. Amateur network marketers do nothing but sell their business opportunity and hope to capture the small percentage of people that are currently looking for such a thing.

Professionals, know that peoples lives change and while I may not be looking for a business opportunity today, I may be in the future, so until that time comes, you need to find a reason to stay in my life.

How well do you know your product suite? What has been the most life changing for you? Which one has the potential to change lives? This is where you start to take a long term approach to your business and build a decent sales funnel of people who will one day become prospects for the opportunity side of your business.

What is your personal story that connects you with your favourite product? This personal story will become your greatest sales tool and your greatest justification for staying connected to people who have a similar need.

if you’re with Jeunesse or IsaGenix, have you or your friends lost lots of weight because of your products? Did you use your Send Out Cards business to build stronger client relationships in your Real Estate or Financial Planning business?

If you’re in World Ventures, are you taking more holidays because no travel agent or booking engine can beat you on price?

Yesterday, I spoke to a mum who was finally able to help her autistic son sleep better because her Young Living oils helped him do so.

These problem solving stories will become the strongest weapon in your search for prospects for your business opportunity.

Solve more problems, make more money.

3 thoughts on “Stop Selling, Start Solving

  1. laiq

    very interesting topic …Stop selling …start solving problems. focus on problems and start finding solution for every single problem. thanks for sharing and reminding.

    Liked by 2 people


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