Network Marketing Is A Business Not A Lottery

shake handsAre you thinking about joining a Network Marketing business?

One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard about our industry is that “It doesn’t work. I know someone who tried it.”

Network Marketing is an invitation only profession. When you are sponsored into a company, you are effectively starting your own business, in an industry, you may have never had any experience with before.

Unfortunately, the person that signs you up, may have not much experience in this industry either and so in their excitement, may omit the level of commitment required, either financially or the level of time you need to contribute to get your business running. You may also need a lot of personal development before you’re ready for success.

Your sponsor may also be so excited, that they only tell you about the great things their company can offer you. It’s not that they’re being deliberately deceptive, it’s just that our industry has so many benefits for people that build large businesses and it’s hard not to get overawed by that.

People get frustrated and leave our industry because they didn’t understand how much work it takes to earn a six figure income, or how much time is necessary. Unfortunately, those people get bitter because, for a moment in time, they’d allowed themselves to dream of a life bigger than their current existence and it didn’t happen in the six months, they thought it would.

The path to success.

The ability to work flexible hours, take dreamtrips all over the world with your family, and earn 6 or 7 figure incomes is very real but you need to understand that you are building a brand new business from scratch and you’ll need some time and effort to do that.

Luckily though, the process itself is pretty easy and while each company’s leaders have different methods of getting new people started, success in this profession requires the repeated application of the following 4 steps.

  1. Make A List – your primary marketing list of everyone you know.
  2. Invite – your prospects to see your products and/or your business opportunity
  3. Present – your business opportunity or product suite.
  4. Follow Up – Stay in touch with those you’ve presented to.

It’s a fairly simple list of things to do but it won’t be easy and many people give up along the way. Be realistic about what you have started and the rewards will be yours. Remember what Eric Worre said. Network Marketing is a business, not a lottery.

I look forward to seeing you on the beaches.


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