From Depression, To Cancer And Then A New Career.

phuket“Depression is anger turned inward” – Freud

As a result of my own mental health journey, (I had childhood depression and manic depression) I started a group called Black Dog Boxing, where we provide a safe place for people with depression to come and vent their anger and frustration in a supportive environment.

Our participants, come to the gym with one purpose. To smash the crap out of stuff. This is a very physical, energy fuelled environment……and a bucket load of fun.

Once participants have released the emotion attached to the issues that are affecting them, they are better equipped to talk through them with a qualified professional and to re-enter their regular life with a much stronger ability to deal with life and the people in it.

During my 18+ months dealing with stage 3 bowel cancer, I realised that I wanted to do more in this area and so decided to exit the financial planning industry, I had been part of for 17 years.

Boxing and other forms of heavy excercise, are wonderful management tools for depression, but what if we could reduce the number of people that were being afflicted in the first place.

Lots and lots of reading, suggested to me that much of our depression, stems from a lack of human connection in our technology driven society, working in unsatisfying careers, lack of time off work to unwind and reconnect with our human selves and our loved ones, and finally, money.

We’re all working so bloody hard, and yet so many of us are struggling to buy our first homes, or are struggling under behemoth mortgages and investing sufficiently for our future is almost a pipe dream. A future where governments will no longer be able to provide for us as they have previously.

Do you know the saying, When the student is ready, the teacher will appear?

While I was still deep in my healing, a very good friend, rang me and said, “I know you’re not ready but when you are I think I’ve got what you’ve been looking for”

Eventually, I was well enough to leave the house and go have a cuppa with her.

She showed me a business that puts together packaged dream trips for singles, couples and families. She showed me a business where both the product and philosophy is fun.

She showed me a business that offers the lowest prices on airfares and accommodation. Guaranteed.

And she showed me a business, that allows some people to secure a stronger financial future, no matter what their current career is.

So now, I spend my days, showing people how to have more fun, go on more holidays, and every now and then, some of them ask to join me and make a living, living.

On the days, I’m well enough to leave the house that is.

3 thoughts on “From Depression, To Cancer And Then A New Career.

  1. valorey

    Great post! Losing my sister to colorectal cancer and that loss somehow sparked my drive into network marketing.



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