Don’t Spam That Shit + 7 More MLM Newbie Tips.

Welcome to the best industry on the planet.

Welcome to the best industry on the planet.

Don’t Spam That Shit

Seriously. Don’t do it. I know, I know. You’re new, you’re excited about the new business you’ve just started and you’ve got a link to your new website that you just HAVE to share with the world.

Step away from your computer and breathe.

There’s a reason your new business partners are telling you not to spam your link to everyone you know. It doesn’t work. Trust me. It doesn’t. If it did. Your leaders would already be doing it and buying marketing lists instead of investing time, trying to train you.

Do yourself a favour and ask for help. One of the things, all network marketing uplines are looking for is people to put up their hand and say “I want to be a leader in this business, please can you help me”

Write Your Damned List

This right here is Network Marketing 101. Congratulations, you’ve just invested in the marketing rights to a company’s product or services. So, now you have to find people to market it to.
To do that, you need to create a list of people you will invite to see your product or marketing plan. An actual marketing list. Not just the first 5 people that you think of.

If you’re a bit old school like me, you can use a note book or a simple excel spreadsheet. There are more expensive client management systems out there but they are unnecessary.

Try to record at least 200 people in your list to start with. You’ll add more people to it over time but you need to have a base to work with. If you can’t come up with a list of 200 people you’re connected to in some way, it’s time to start investing in relationship building activities.

Inviting For Dummies (2 Step Text)

 Despite a nearly 2 decade career in Financial Planning, I still find it really hard to invite people to show them my network marketing business. I really enjoy sharing my business with people but inviting prospects to see it, filled me with fear of rejection.

Eric Worre’s 2 Step Text invite saved me. Look it up on YouTube. It’s simple and anyone can do it. Even someone who has only joined today.

 Sort Don’t Sell

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of people make when sharing their business with a prospect, is they try to use high pressure sales tactics. Is that really the way, you want to build your business.

If you need to use, high pressure tactics to get someone in your business, guess how hard it’s going to be, to get them to actually build their business. You’re here to help people build their businesses, not to sell starter kits.

Using hard sell strategies will result in broken friendships and loss of personal reputation. The very opposite of what is possible when this business is done properly.

Just get in front of as many people as you can, who are willing to have a look at your offer and build from there. The plan presentation should be the start of the process. Not the End.

 Staying In Touch

When I first got into Network Marketing, the purpose of following up in 2 days was to get a simple Yes or No. Are you in or out? Unfortunately, when you put that sort of pressure on people, most of them will say no.

Nowadays, we’re a bit smarter than that. While following up within 48 hours is still important, now we do it to help strengthen the relationship under the guise of answering your prospects questions.

If your prospect is ready to get started at the first or second meeting, great. If not, don’t be an asshole. People will buy your message if you keep coming back to them.

Remember, that many people make very few active decisions in their personal life each year, so you need to be aware that this psychology is happening. If you force them to choose, they will most often choose No.

In my marketing list, I allow at least 5 meetings with a prospect before I rethink, whether they should stay on that list or not. Let’s face it, it’s easier to get a meeting with a friend than it is a stranger.

After I have presented my plan and answered questions, I never raise my business again in subsequent meetings. I just keep inviting them for coffee and building my friendship. I don’t want to be “that” friend. You know. The one that never shuts up about their biz-opp that no-one wants to talk to anymore.

When friends ask me about my business, I simply tell them it’s going well and I add “because everyone likes taking holidays, right?” and I laugh. I do that because my company’s product is travel.

If your company does weight loss, you could say “because lots of people want to lose weight, right?” That little question at the end will encourage your friend to agree with you.

Trust me. The best way to have someone ask about your business, is to not tell him anything about it. Show interest in your friends and everything that is happening in his life. Give him space to express what’s happening in his life and he will give you all the information you need for the day he comes back to you and wants to start talking about your business again.

Don’t Shit Where You Eat

 Use your own product. The success of your business depends on it. Not because your personal usage will make you a millionaire but becomes your integrity and credibility needs to be bullet proof.

My company provides massively discounted travel for it’s members, so even if another provider miraculously had a cheaper airfare, hotel accommodation or dream holiday package available, I will never ever take it up because my credibility becomes compromised if I did.

If you need to lose weight and your company provides a weight loss solution, guess what you need to purchase. If your company provides anti-aging, then don’t be lined up at your department stores beauty counter when your downline walks past. Awkward!!

This one simple rule, will help establish you as a leader of integrity as well as support the company that supports you.

 Starting From The Bottom (Training)

There is no food, harder in the world to swallow than humble pie, but if you’re new to the network marketing industry, swallow it, you must. Women are taught the two newcomers

I don’t care if you’re a partner in your law firm, a world ranked athlete or have owned other successful businesses, if someone in your upline is teaching you to do something. Then follow that instruction, even if he’s pimply faced 19 year old kid.

You have been successful, in your other ventures, because of your natural ability and the coaching you have received.

You’re in a new field now and you’re just like a first day apprentice. You must learn the ropes but if you diligently apply yourself to learning this new industry and allow your upline to coach and direct you, you can achieve everything you’re hoping to achieve.

As a starting point, I highly recommend Eric Worre’s GoPro programme which is downloadable from his page Network Marketing Pro. Ray Higdon’s blog also has lots of high quality, in the trenches training that is practical and usable.

Also, ask your upline, what they recommend. Some companies have established traing platforms to help their distributors but sadly, some don’t.

Play The Long Game

Please don’t poke this business with a stick and complain to the world that it didn’t work.

If you’ve decided to build a business in this industry. Then jump in feet first. Even if you don’t have success at first, allow the training to assist you over time. Allow your upline to help you as much as your ego will allow.

Play the long game. Everything you’ve ever wanted is achievable but like a good red wine, YOU need time to develop, to find your legs.

If you’ve not yet chosen a company to work with, or you’re looking a new one, feel free to contact me by leaving a comment or sending me a Private Message on Facebook.

I’m always looking for more people to help.



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