How To Leverage Seminar Attendance. A Queue Jumping Strategy For Network Marketers.

Sharing your business opportunity with a new prospect.

Sharing your business opportunity with a new prospect.

Congratulations. You’ve worked hard and now you have more people than ever going to your company’s next training event. Flights and accomodation have been booked for your team members that need to travel. Business partners have been working hard and new leaders are revealing themselves. Goals have been set. Some achieved, others not.

The excitement is building and everyone is eager to learn about new products, write lots of notes about recruiting strategies and hear stories from the trenches from your company’s established leaders.

The growth your business goes through, in the next 90 days as a result, should be massive, right?

But it’s not always like that, is it?

Network Marketers coming out of a training weekend are like those little wind up cars, you pull backwards to wind up. Those doors open up on Sunday afternoon and your hyped up, little energizer bunny distributors  come flying out of the gates, bounce off walls, spin off in another direction, hit another wall and keep charging around until the energy wears off.

Hopefully, some of the mud that gets thrown at the wall sticks and, you have a bigger group and new leaders ready for the next stage.

But what if I told you, that you could take this energy and focus it into a driven ball of energy that is pushing everyone along into bigger businesses and greater wealth. We take this energy and make it even more productive than you ever have before.

This strategy is really simple and easy to use, even if your group is a grand total of one 🙂

Most leaders will have some kind of bonding event organised in the lead up to big events to help develop stronger bonds with their teams.

In order to maximise the back end energy coming out of these events,  I recommend using one of your bonding sessions as an opportunity to have a team appointment setting session.

Order a bunch of pizza’s and fill up your leaders diaries with appointments for the next 2 weeks. Teach your new guys how to use Eric Worre’s 2 Step Text Invite and watch their confidence in their business grow as their appointments start stacking up.

Once the weekend is over, everyone has a plan of action and your leaders don’t have to sit by the phone, wondering who the first will be to book an appointment with a new prospect.

This one step before every training event, will create new leaders, greater longevity and more profitability for everyone. And, isn’t that the whole point of starting a network marketing business in the first place.

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