Stand Up My Soldiers. We Are So Much More.

A journey undiscovered is a journey lost.

A journey undiscovered is a journey lost.

We are blessed to walk a planet that is richly populated with great men. Men who have so much to give. Men who are literally killing themselves because they find themselves lost in a maelstrom of angst as they try to force themselves into shoes not made for their feet.

All my life. I have been blessed to be surrounded by great leaders, strong and wise men. Men who have reached into my soul and tried to nurture the greatness that is contained within me.

But the others have been there too. The men who would crush a small boys spirit. The men who seem to gain no joy from life, save for the effort they spend breaking a boys heart.

Apparently that’s how we make men.

Look around. Look at the world we live in. Who do you think is winning this battle? Is it the good and righteous man who wants to share a joy for life, for love and for exploration? Does our world feel like the good guys are running it?

We are capable of such greatness. We have so much to give. There are pockets of this love and generosity but still we live in a world full of broken men.

You need only turn on the TV or Social Media to find all the evidence you need.

In Australia, 6 men  will kill themselves everyday. 3 women will be killed every 2 weeks by their ex or current lover. We are bashing each other to death in the streets, apparently for fun and for fucks sake, we are killing our kids.

Our kids. We are killing our kids. What the fuck is wrong with us?

We can no longer keep pointing the finger and saying “Look what he did. That asshole.” We did that. All of us. We have created a society where our men are so lost that death and destruction follows in our wake.

I am a father. I fear my childrens journey. They have so much opportunity ahead of them but it could all end in tears. In a heartbeat.

Last weekend a young man of 18 was king hit from behind, resulting in his death. He’s not a young man, he’s a fucking boy. Killed by another boy, another lost and broken boy who thought that hitting someone from behind would be fun.

Then just days later, a father drives his car into a river, drowning himself and his two young sons. A couple more days later and a 2 month old baby is dead, allegedly stabbed by her grandfather.

Some days, I am very glad my dad has passed. If you knew my dad, you would know the love he had for not just his own kids but kids and humanity generally. My Dad was a marshmallow. On the outside he tried to be, and was, very tough but if he saw what we were becoming, he would cry daily. It would break him to see that other men were killing kids. Just as it breaks me.

We live in a world full of great men. Men who are great role models. Men who love their women. Men who show respect and love for all in their care. Men who are great teachers. Men who would teach our boys to stand in their own power. Men who would be Kings!

But those men are busy working their asses off to put food on their tables. They’re driving themselves into the grave trying to keep up. They are so busy trying to survive that they don’t have time to take our boys on long journeys of exploration and discovery. They don’t have enough time to teach our boys what it truly means to love their women.

These strong and powerful men, these nearly broken men are too busy trying to numb their own pains with a myriad of substance abuse issues, hiding at work, desperately hoping their partners, wives and children don’t see just how close to the edge they are. Telling themselves, that it doesn’t matter if they die. That it doesn’t matter if Daddy doesn’t come home anymore. That they’re all going to be better off without them. That their lives will somehow be better if Daddy wasn’t there anymore.

These strong and beautiful men. These men are the reason I left Financial Planning to become a Network Marketer. I will free these men from the shackles of their employers, so they can take their sons to the beach. Teach them to nurture the environment. Take their little princesses on Daddy & Daughter dates. Drown our wives in a sea of love and tenderness.

These men will become my army for change. Will you join me? Will you help me free our great men to heal the world?

Our men are greater than news stories.

Our men are greater than news stories.

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