Edification. Introducing Your Mentor.


Introducing your

It’s a funny word edification. For many of us, the first time we hear it is when we join our respective Network Marketing companies and we’re asked to edify our upline to our prospects.

A simple definition of this word in our context is: to uplift.

It is our job to edify those who are helping us to our prospects and each other.

It’s amazingly effective in our business and very powerful in our personal relationships as well.

But how, can we best edify our mentoring upline to our new prospect?

I’m sure you’ve had the situation where you’re about to share your business idea with your new prospect and the first words that tumble out of your mouth are “Sharon, this is my upline Cindy. She’s a (rank) in our company and she’s here to show you what we’re doing”.

Or words to that effect. They’re industry words. Jargon. And they have no place in the first exposure of your business to a prospect.

Here’s a really simple way to get past that. Scripted Introduction.

Go to whomever is currently helping you to build your business and ask them to write a simple paragraph on how they’d like to be introduced.

It doesn’t have to be fancy but your mentor will be more experienced at knowing how she’d like to be presented in public and will thank you for making the effort. As an active mentor, she is looking for people to work with that make an effort. This simple act alone might buy you more of her time than someone else in her business.

Scripted Introduction will help you practice your part of the presentation and will give your mentor a wonderful opportunity to shine.

The other advantage is that you’ll have a script to share with your team as it builds and they start working with your mentor. Scripted Introductions are also easier to duplicate than trying to teach your team verbally.

Some people might just edit what you’ve provided but it’s still going to be stronger than having them roll in blind and naïve.

What do you think? Would Scripted Introductions make your life easier?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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