Network Marketing Is Sexy Again

The collision of Millennials and Social Media is a perfect storm for Network Marketing.

rodney bukuya

Network Marketing is Sexy again.

Not since the early 1990’s has network marketing, or MLM as it’s also known, enjoyed such excitement and growth.

Everywhere you look, people you know are joining Network Marketing companies.

They’re doing it to make more money, take more holidays and to assert more control over their own lives. In a turbulent world, network marketing is bringing satisfaction and lifestyle back to an increasingly unhappy workforce.

Some are doing it as side gigs to their regular careers, to find satisfaction in otherwise mundane employee roles ‘working for the man’. Some are doing it during the day while they’re having lunch and others still, have gone ‘All In’ and are building their businesses full time, as you would any other regular business.

Albeit, without any of the bank loans, HR issues, or soul crushing work schedules. 24/7 anyone?

So who’s joining?

Despite the old lady and her soap powder image that the industry has, the new network marketing rep, is educated, has a strong social group that craves recognition and contribution to others.

They are white collar professionals, they are students of life. They are already earning better money than others but they’re looking to do more with their life than chase the corner office in a company that may never acknowledge their efforts.

They want to be free to travel the world, to experience different cultures and to make the world a better place.

And they are incredibly active on social media.

“But I don’t want to sell soap!”

As technology has grown, so has the range of products and services that various companies have brought to the market.

It’s no longer just soap powder, costume jewellery and skin care that distributors are sharing with their friends.

Now, there’s also energy supplements, weight loss solutions, legal services, electricity and telephony providers, personal development programmes and even packaged holiday club memberships.

You name it, if you’re ready to work hard and build a real future for yourself but don’t have you’re own product to sell, there will be a company somewhere in the network marketing model that has a solution that will suit you.

Network Marketing asks not that you have large amounts of money to invest but that you be teachable, be prepared to work outside of your comfort zone while you learn new skills and that you learn patience. Something that is sadly lacking in many of the people who’ve tried network marketing in the past and failed.

I don’t want to lose my friends

One of the common objections to network marketing that I have come across is “I knew someone who tried that and he became an asshole about it.”

When I ask if ‘that guy’ was an asshole before he joined Network Marketing, the usual reponse is a resounding Yes, followed by laughter 🙂

You see, network marketing is like alcohol, it will magnify the short comings in your personality.

Your bravery will be rewarded while your timidity will be punished. Your care for your fellow man will earn you accolades and your aggression will cost you business relationships.

Your business will be a very real reflection of your personality.

This is why good companies in our industry, almost always have personal development programmes attached to their businesses. To help agents, grow into the people they need to become to be successful in their own businesses.

Just because Network Marketing has traditionally been built on marketing to your friends and family, doesn’t mean you have to do it that way. If you’re considering joining, talk to the person sponsoring you about alternative methods they’re using to grow their business. You might be surprised at some the advanced strategies we’re using these days.

You might be surprised to learn that many social media era reps actually don’t do any traditional inviting at all and let prospective partners approach them instead.

Would that change your view of our industry? People asking you to become a customer or distributor? Would you consider it a viable option, if you could turn your social media efforts into cashflow?

The Lifestyle Solution

With all that being said, Network Marketing is not for everyone.

Some people, no matter how great the reward, are simply too arrogant to learn from others. Others too impatient. Some people already have their dream lifestyle and income and others prefer to work for someone else even if they have very little control over their income, lifestyle or working hours.

For everyone else, Network Marketing is an incredibly life changing experience.

Escape from the tedium of a 'normal' life.

Escape from the tedium of a ‘normal’ life.

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