I’m Starting a Revolution. Will You Join Me?

Just a Dad. Claiming my family. Forever.

Just a Dad. Claiming my family. Forever.

It’s the start of a new day, and here in Australia, It’s a brand new financial year, so when I picked up my laptop this morning to go and write, I thought I was going to be writing about the many opportunities to start again that a new year brings.

A clean slate. New opportunities.

I was going to write about targets, action plans, strategies and niches.

And then it happened.

I had no sooner sat down with my coffee and lifted it to my mouth when another island man walking in the door caught my eye and we smiled at each other as men with shared backgrounds often do.

Just then, 3 little kids, a girl of 4 or 5 years old and her two brothers, a couple years older, burst from behind me, screaming out “Daddy”.

It’s school holidays here and it must be parent hand over day for this little family, as the kids mum followed closely behind.

While the boys hugged their dad with the love you would expect, it was Daddy’s little princess that tore me in half.

She jumped up, threw her arms around his neck and hung on so tight, it looked like her whole world would disintegrate if she relaxed her grip for even a second.

But Dad was a smart dad, he knew what she needed and he hung on right back with her until she was ready to let go.

I’m starting a revolution. Will you join me?

What are we doing as Network Marketers? When did we lose sight of what really matters?

Every damned day, my newsfeed is full of people promoting their business.

They tell stories about how they can make $1Million dollars before they turn 23. They talk about how easy it was to sack their boss, buy their dream car and live in a house so large they need maids and butlers to look after it all.

They talk about diamond rings, G4’s and a wall of shoes that will never be worn and we want our prospects to relate to us and join us on our journey for more.

You know what? I’m a peacock too. I want that stuff too.

I want to drive my Aventador and I want to wear my tailored suits and drink Pol Roger with my friends while watching the sun set in Bora Bora.

But you know what I want more?

I want to wake up next to my wife. I want to hold her as our dawn becomes our day and neither of us are in a hurry to go anywhere.

I want us to laugh and tease each other as we get our girls ready for their day. I want us to share the short journey to their school and talk about our expectations for the day.

I want to show our children, that when the shit hit the fan and our chips were down, their mummy and daddy played their cards as a joint hand.

That we played with love. That we played to win. Together.

As the world becomes more connected with technology, we’re getting disconnected from each other and our humanity.

As network marketers, let’s stop talking about the toys that are our industry’s rewards and let us instead start talking about the real gifts that we bring to the world.

In my hands, I hold a gift.

In my hands, I hold a gift that can set men free from the soul crushing jobs they hate.

In my hands, I hold a gift that teaches men to reconnect with their true selves again.

In my hands, I hold a gift that reconnects families with each other. That rebuilds communities and makes us all stronger, healthier and far happier than any toys ever could.

And you know what? So do you.

You hold in your hands a gift that can change the future for every single person you know, and here you are holding on to it because you’re worried what someone will think of you.

You’re worried about momentary loss of reputation because someone thinks you’re materialistic, or deluded or even scamming them because you’re in a “Pyramid”.

Fuck the naysayers.

In your hands, is a gift to change people’s lives and families. Forever.

All you need do, is share it.

Share your business. Set people free. Set your family free.

It’s time to save ourselves, from ourselves.

It’s time to be men again.

Dear Politicians, we don’t want jobs. We want our families back.

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