5 Steps To Recruiting Winners In Your Network Marketing Business.

Successful people are easy to recruit if you follow some simple steps

Successful people are easy to recruit if you follow some simple steps

Warning: What comes next may feel uncomfortable for some. What I write here is not deliberately intended to offend but may do so for some people. My intention is only to teach, so I apologise in advance.

Low Hanging Fruit

Have you ever been to one of your teams big weekend long conferences, looked around and thought “Who the hell is sponsoring all these muppets?” “Does that guy even have teeth?” or “Does that lady not own a mirror?”

Sure, you recognise those thoughts as being extremely judgemental but at the same time, you wonder if you’re in the right place. And unfortunately, some of the people who have capacity to become massive business builders in our industry will think exactly the same thing.

You see, like attracts like, and if we want to grow our businesses faster and with greater strength, then we want to start attracting quality talent.

If you were going to pay someone $1Million dollars per year to become the CEO of your company, you probably wouldn’t pay that money to the great waiter with the big smile in your local restaurant or the lady at your local department store that was very helpful.

If you were going to pay someone $1Million a year, you’d interview hard and weed out all those that didn’t qualify.

To build a successful network marketing business, you’re looking for someone who can grow to lead a thousand people or more in a team, right? So why not set your sights on finding people who have runs on the board.

Target the big fish

So the strategy that follows is a variation on the theme, I did in yesterdays post about a simplified niche.

Step 1. Identify 1 or 2 activities in your life that you really love, or are really good at, or even something about yourself you really love.

It may be a sport you love or play, It might be an element of your career, I.e, your work thinks you’re the “IT guy” but you’re actually a gun coder or you might have an ethnic background that you’re really proud to be part of.

Step 2. Identify the most successful people in those activities or communities that live in your city. The key is accessibility. 

Finding the biggest stars in your town’s football team might be easy but it’s going to take longer to reach them. You probably wouldn’t put Richard Branson on your list either, because your chances of building a relationship with him are pretty slim. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put them on your initial list.

I’m a Pacific Islander, I love boxing and lifting heavy at the gym and I used to work in financial planning, so i might look for other Pacific Islanders who love masculine sports and work in white collar fields and are successful in one or more of those.

The key is to find people who have had great success in at least one element of their lives whether it be business, activity or community.

Step 3. Narrow the list to the Top 100. 

Limiting the list to 100, makes it a lot easier for you to work this list. The more people, you have in fewer sub-groups within that 100, the easier it will be, the more you know about the area in which that person is successful will also help.

Here’s a tip. Be brutal. If someone is really successful but you think they’re an asshole, you’re probably not going to work the relationship like it needs to be. So drop them off the list.

Step 4. Connect

Which social media platforms is your target on? Where do they hang out? Who has their ear? Create a connection with all of these people that is simple to manage. Most people are on facebook, but LinkedIn is really great for connecting with business people.

Step 5. Work the list.

So, now you’re connected to 100 people in your city/area that are really successful in at least one area of their life and it happens to be something that you’re passionate about also.

Remember, this is a long play strategy and we’re dealing with people who probably get prospected for all manner of businesses and investments every week. So, the key here, is to be patient and build a friendship.

Over time, you will become a trusted friend and confidante and so when the perfect time to present your opportunity or product to them presents itself, your pitch will be welcomed.

How to work your Top100 list.

  • Set aside time one day a week to contact your Top100 list.
    • DO NOT bulk message these people. Send each person a personalised, correspondence that is based on the relationship you’ve built with them so far.
    • If your time constraints mean, you can only do 25 per week, then so be it. Take your time. You’re dealing with your high value targets remember. The relationship comes first.
  • Send them articles, information or pictures/videos that you believe would be interesting to them, based on your knowledge of their life and interests.
    • Social media and technology makes it simple to do this, though sending them some offline marketing is also a good idea, once they get to know you. Be prudent, don’t become a stalker.
  • Remember the 4E’s of social media, Engage, Enquire, Entertain and Educate. All communications with this list should satisfy at least one of those factors.
  • Pitch – One day, your friend will post or comment about a problem he has, he may even come straight to you, because he’s been watching and commenting on your posts you make in the public space. When he posts about that problem that only you can cure, thats when you make your pitch. And remember you’re pitching a meeting, never the product itself. Sell the meeting, get that and work the rest out as you go from your experience you’ve picked up while building the rest of your business.

Was this helpful? Let me know in the comments below

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