Twenty For Plenty. The 3 Step Process For Getting Referred Leads.

Network Marketing Referrals

Let someone else do the hard work to find your clients.

One of the greatest attributes of the network marketing industry  is it’s ability to leverage human effort to achieve wealth creation much like we use financial capital.

However, for some reason, our industry is hell bent on telling everyone to do it, the hard way. Yes, we’re finally starting to find the value in social media, but there are some great offline techniques, that we’re just not talking about that we should.

The following is the strategy I used to use for attracting referrals when I was a Financial Planner and that I’m again using, now that I’m in Network Marketing.

It’s time efficient and it’s strikingly effective.

The Twenty for Plenty Strategy

With the Twenty4Plenty (T4P) strategy we don’t pursue individuals, instead, we target their trusted advisers. And we get those people, to send us their clients for a consultation.

Once, you’ve got your niche all worked out, you then ask yourself a very simple question.

Step 1. “Who has their ear?”

Who does my target market trust? Who do they trust for advice that may be able to refer them to me? Pick your favourite product and find a group of people that would benefit from your product or service.

For example, If your product, is weight loss, who can that help? Your first answer may be, people who are obese and while that maybe true, the people you’re really looking for, are the obese people who actually want to do something about it. You’re on the hunt for people who are actively looking for a weight loss solution.

People, currently looking to lose weight, could include, parents that want to get healthy for their kids. People getting ready for surgery. A couple about to get married are usually highly motivated to lose weight

So, who are those people talking to?

Your bridal party, will be talking to bridal shops, personal trainers, churches, catering venues, travel agents, Suit hire specialists, limo hire, even DJ’s.

In this strategy, it’s a good idea to have a long list of services that our bridal couple would need. These are your Centres of Influence (COI). You want no more than 2 or 3, in each specialist area. And your final list will have no more than 20 people total.

Step 2. Connect and build.

Once you know, who your COI’s are, it’s time to start reaching out to them via social media and taking them for coffee to see, if you’re going to be a good fit together. If you find it hard to bond with someone, they’re unlikely to refer their clients to you or vice versa.

Now, that you’ve chosen your 20 professionals, and connected with them on social media. Make sure you add them to a unique list, I simply call mine ‘Twenty4Plenty’, which enables you to track those peoples social media commentary, allowing you to comment, like and offer opinions in the area’s you’ve chosen to be influential.

Step 3. Build and Refer.

The Twenty4Plenty plan operates on a one call per day,five day,four weekly cycle and requires two more actions to become a living breathing referral machine.

Firstly, everyday make an actual phone call to one of your professionals, to shoot the breeze and catch up since your last coffee. Enquire about their business and clients, are they struggling to find clients, have they got too many? Are their clients having issues, they can’t fix.

And here’s where the power comes from in this strategy. Because you’re connected to lots of professionals that service that client, you’ll probably be able to find him someone that can help. Don’t just give him the other providers number and hope he’ll do something about. They won’t. Life gets in the way.

Tell him, you’re going to get your other friend to call him to help. When you start connecting professionals who can help each other, everyones business grows.

So, your activity target, is simply call a different member of your T4P list each business and look for opportunities to refer them business. It’s a very powerful sowing and reaping strategy that helps everyone you’re connected to.

How could you use this strategy in your business? Leave your thoughts and questions, oin the comments section below.

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