The Top 11 Reasons Why You Should NOT Join A Network Marketing Company

Rodney Bukuya

Success in Network Marketing takes work. A lot of work.

They’re everywhere.

Every time you open one of your social media accounts, you’re either getting spammed on your news feed, or you’re getting a cut and copied spam invite to look at one of your friend’s new business opportunities.

Or worse. As soon as you accept some random friend request, you immediately get a War and Peace length direct message telling you how XYZ company is going to change the world and you should jump in while it’s still a “Ground Floor Opportunity”.

You see, Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing as it’s also known is sexy again.

Low job security, high career frustration, career burnout, stress, poor health, high debt, poor work life balance. You name it, the reasons for people joining network marketing companies are myriad.

You might even be thinking about joining one yourself.

Here’s 11 reasons, you shouldn’t.

11 – It doesn’t work

Ignoring the fact that $244USD Million is paid out in commissions every day, No matter where you go and who you associate with, everyone has a network marketing story. They joined and didn’t make any money or they know someone who had this experience. In fact, you only need to Google MLM Scam and you’ll literally find millions of listings to justify this view point.

10 – Pyramid Schemes Are Illegal/Immoral

Just like Ponzi schemes, Pyramid schemes are justifiably illegal. However, Network Marketing as a distribution system for goods and services was found to be legitimate in the FTC vs Amway case in 1979.

Unfortunately,some Pyramid and Ponzi schemes still often pass themselves off as genuine MLM companies which only further damages the industries reputation.

9 – Network Marketers Are Just In It For The Money

It’s true, many people join network marketing companies to improve their financial situation and are often from employee backgrounds where income is decided by someone who has no interest in seeing that person succeed financially.

So, it’s no surprise that when given control of their own financial destiny, MLM’ers become excited and animated.

If you’re a person that believes money is the root of all evil, or that having surplus wealth can do no good, then Network Marketing, isn’t for you. You should probably quit your job or turn down future salary increases also.

8 – No Time

Work commitments, commuting, family time, hobbies, favourite TV shows and sport, there are already a multitude of organisations and people with their hands in your spare time wallet, starting a new business would mean an even bigger bite out of your “me” time.

It’ll take at least 10-20 hours per week to build a network marketing business. Some people are better off getting a second job.

7 – Impatience

It takes a long time to build a successful business in the network marketing industry. If you’re impatient and can’t take a 2 -5 year view, then this industry is definitely not for you. Buying lottery tickets is heaps easier. At least you get an instant result, right?

6 – New Skills

You’ve been busily working away in your career for 10 years or more, and now someone tells you, that you need to go to conferences and do some study to learn the skills to become successful in Network Marketing.

And not only that, they want you to pay for it, yourself.

If you believe that your career will not be affected by automation, robots or international outsourcing, then why bother?

5 – No Man Is An Island

In order to build a large network marketing business, you will need to help train and support a large number of people. If helping people is not your thing, then you would definitely struggle.

Team members would be calling, emailing or messaging you at all hours of the day, and let’s face it. That’s not convenient. At least, at your job, you get time off. Your boss and/or customers don’t call you after work or when you’re on holidays, why would you want anyone else to?

4 – People Suck

People smell, won’t do as you tell them to and let’s face it, a lot of work.

If you don’t like talking to, and hanging out with other humans then, you probably won’t be able to build a business in an industry that is heavily human and relationship focused.

3 – I Can’t Do It.

Whether you call it a closed mindset, or a “glass half empty” mentality, if you can’t believe in yourself, a company or the entire industry itself, if you don’t believe that building a six or seven figure income in network marketing can be done, you won’t. You just won’t.

2 – I’m Too Lazy

Firstly, if you can admit that to yourself or publicly, then congratulations, many lazy people don’t or can’t.

Not only does it take time and patience to build an MLM business, it’s hard bloody work.

You have to learn new stuff, act on those new skills, teach them to others, try new things, get outside of your comfort zone. A LOT. and you have to do it over and over and over again, sometimes for years and years.

If you can’t see past that, to gain the rewards that the MLM industry offers, then you should most definitely stay away.  Your job is probably easier and you don’t even have to perform there. So long as you’re above the bottom 20% of performers, you’ll always have a job, right?

1 – What Will People Think?

This is at number one for a reason.

Not only does it affect prospective Networkers but also existing distributors. If you are worried about the opinions of others, more than you are, reaching your own life and lifestyle goals then you should run away from network marketing as fast as your feet and mouse can carry you.

The minute people find out you are in Network Marketing, you will have an immediate loss of social capital. People you’ve always loved and with whom you’ve shared many of your life’s greatest moments will stop taking your calls and may even go so far as to unfriend you from facebook.

In fact, if you have a friend that keeps asking you for money or favours, tell them you’ve joined a network marketing company and can’t wait to tell them all about it. The calls will stop almost immediately.

Call To Arms

There’s one glaring group of people I’ve deliberately left out of this list.

Those are the people, who have complete time and income flexibility in their already successful businesses. Many of these people are digital entrepreneurs who travel the globe doing business from their phones or laptops.

Many have employed great time management, marketing, recruitment, client relationship and delegation policies into traditional offline businesses.

To all these people, I have a simple request.

“Come Join Us. We Need Your Skills”

Entrepreneurs that are free of financial and time constraints are people, the network marketing industry need more of.

We can learn from you and if you are able to embrace the ideals that we stand for, you will be handsomely rewarded. Personally, I’d love to have more digital nomads in my business as distributors or customers. I’ve already learned so much from many of you already and I’d love you to share your wealth of knowledge with the millions of people worldwide who currently have no knowledge of the things you do and so become MLM Spammers.


Network Marketing can be very hard if you struggle with any of the 11 things listed in this article but if you’re willing to get uncomfortable and take some guidance, it can change your family’s future. Forever.

If you’ve been considering exploring Network Marketing as a new career choice and you don’t know where to start, or you’re already in the industry and need new direction and motivation, feel free to connect with me. I’d love to help you.



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