Recommendation For Rodney Bukuya

untitled-design-2To Whom It May Concern

In my capacity as a mindset coach and personal development consultant, I have known Rodney Bukuya for a number of years and that relationship has allowed me to be able to wholeheartedly recommend him in number of areas.

Firstly, Rodney has a keen, almost innate sense of the selling process that goes beyond conventional sales training methods.  He knows how to engage people of all levels and really get inside their heads. And because of that, he has many followers on social media and is widely regarded and respected.

In his dealings with people, he demonstrates professionalism and yet brings with it with a relaxed air of grace, charm and genuine caring for others. Rodney never fails to lend a helping hand and goes out of his way to bring clarity and direction to others.  In these situations his leadership and training skills are very obvious.

Never short of creative ideas, Rodney focuses on solutions where others focus on problems. His sharp intellect and wit is an asset to any situation as I’m sure they would be to any sales or training organisation looking for a valuable employee.

I would highly recommend Rodney Bukuya for any sales, training or leadership role. Please feel free to call me for clarification.

Yours sincerely

Madonna Robinson - Mindset Coach.

Madonna Robinson – Mindset Coach.

Madonna Robinson

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