MLM Business Plan – 1Pager

Had Enough!

Just Reached Breaking Point!

Frustrated by a lack of simple tools to help network marketers create a personalised business building strategy that is tailored to an individual’s personal strengths, passions and interests, I threw my toys out of the sandpit and created my own.

Not some business forecasting and cash flow analysis type business plan that an accountant or banker would require for a traditional business.

Just a simple 1-page action plan to help network marketers build their business, whether they’re brand new or are leaders with big businesses.

It’s really simple to do and can be easily completed over a coffee.

I’ve attached it to this post, so you can easily download it and share with your team.

*Remember, this is a starting place and can be reviewed each time the team member hits a goal or rank advances. Just complete each section, following the template below.

Section 1.

– Your company name: Self-explanatory but new people often confuse the company name with a product line you sell.

– Market segment: What does your company sell? Are you in many segments, such as healthcare, beauty and homecare products or do you have a single segment such as travel?

– Selected Product Range: Pick one range to sell first. Focusing on a single product range will make it easier for the new distributor to gain knowledge and be well equipped to handle product related questions when they arise in a presentation.

As your business grows, this person can become a mentor for other people in the group that choose this product line. Specialist knowledge builds confidence and credibility.

– What problem does this product solve? Because many network marketers don’t come from a sales or business background, they tend to focus on the features of their product or company, rather than the benefits that will be achieved if a customer uses the product.

So, instead of thinking about the all natural ingredients your weight loss product has, focus on how empowered your customer will feel when they can stand naked in front of a mirror after losing the weight they’ve struggled with for years.

Section 2. Niche:

Anyone that knows me, just assumed it would be here, right??
This is a very short and simple version of my niche finding process.

– Who has the problem, your product solves? In section one, you identified a problem that your chosen product solves. Now it’s time to find a targeted group of people to share it with.

The smaller the group, the more effectively you can market to them. Think, less is more. If you sell skin care and you approach this with a mentality that everyone has skin, you’ll make life harder for yourself than it needs to be.

– Where do these people congregate? Though most people have a Facebook or other social media account these days, it’s not always the case, and even when they do, social media might not be the optimal place to find them. Ask yourself, where is the most likely place to find people with this problem?

– Are they serious about finding a solution? Not everyone is. Some just like to whinge. I’m serious, before you spend a bucket load of time, energy and money marketing to a niche, make they actually want your solution, and ascertain whether this pain is a big enough problem to your niche, for them to invest in a solution.

Section 3. Strategy

– Focus. Biz sign ups or product sales?? Sometimes, it’s easier for new people to start by selling product and building their confidence. They also have increased credibility once their business is actually profitable. This will be your opportunity to shine as a mentor.

– Tactical solutions: Will your new person be using direct invite, personal branding, attraction marketing, or even blogging to build their business. Pick just one or two to start. Will they be a creator or curator? Keep it simple and help them score some wins before expanding into a multidisciplinary marketing platform. Small wins, will have a massive impact on retention of new distributors. Treat it like an apprenticeship and keep the workload simple in the first year with the only variable, work intensity.

Tactical Weapons: Which platforms, will be the best for your new partner? If direct text invites are his solution, is his mobile phone account set up to allow large volumes of texts? If she wants to use social media, which platform is she most comfortable with and is best for her product range and tactical solution. i.e How good is Instagram for beauty and skincare or travel?

Section 4. Success

– Income Target: How much does your new team mate, want to earn? Their goal not the one you want for them. So often, I see new people who want to add an extra $500 – $1,000 a month to their cash flow and they get firehosed back out of the business by an upline who thinks they should be pushing for $100,000 a year. Help them hit their so-called small goals, and watch their appetite for more, grow.

– What rank is required to hit that goal? Focus on the bigger number here. For example, if you believe that they’ll need 200-300 product consumers in their business to hit their income target, focus on helping them get 300.

If they hit the income target before 300, they’ll be ecstatic, but if you miss it when they’ve got 200, it’ll turn them against you and your company. Afterall, it was you who told them what they’d need to do. Expectation management is incredibly important and it’s something that the network marketing profession has been really bad at, in the past.

– What business structure is required to hit that rank? legs, biz volume, distributor sign ups. etc. make it clear for the individual.

Section 5. Winning

– Help your new person, pick a few daily activities that will help them build long-term success in your company. I’ve put 5 so you can add in some daily personal development as well. Remember, many mlm’ers are part-time volunteers poking this with a stick, so make this easy to start and don’t blow them out with an excessive workload unless they’ve got the appetite for it.

Be very specific with the activity goals so there is no confusion about what is required. A blanket phrase such as “Just invite more people” is unhelpful to anyone. Send invitation messages to 5 people every day or read 10 pages of a book, are quantifiable and gives them a starting point.

– Accountability mentor: Who will they report to and counsel with? Who is their coach? this could be their most active upline, someone they’re comfortable being coached by, or even someone external, like a business coach. Most successful people will have professional advisers of some kind, long before you showed up.

+ some of you have up lines, you don’t yet trust to treat your friends and new people with the proper respect.

I have attached my MLM 1 Page Biz Plan to this article for you to use freely in your business.

Anyway, was that helpful? Please comment below with any questions you may have.


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