I have known Rodney for more than 20 years and I am yet to meet a harder-working and more passionate individual.

Integrity is at the heart of Rodney's approach to work and he understands the critical importance of building trust in any business relationship.

In business and in life, Rodney is generous, open and focussed on giving the best of himself to his customers, his colleagues and his family.

Rodney is both a friend and fellow small business person. I am proud to know him and to recommend his services.

  • Mark Cusack
    Mark Cusack

    Owner and Director - Cusack Communications

It's my pleasure to recommend Rod, a man I've known for over 15 years.

In his role as a financial adviser, Rod was not only strong on the detailed and technical nature of the advice, he was very passionate about the good that this advice could do in the lives of his clients.

He is a big picture person, with big dreams but the tenacity to tread the path, and a big heart to care about people along the way.

He has always been passionate about helping people improve their lives and has accumulated many tools to assist with this over the years.

Passion, drive, compassion and tenacity are the key words that best describe this standout professional.

Given this, I unreservedly recommend Rod to you.

  • Steve Nielsen
    Steve Nielsen FChFP,SSA

    Principal & Owner - Ascent Wealth Management

I have had the good fortune of having known Rod from the outset of my financial planning career, over 15 years ago.

At that time, I looked up to him as an example of how knowledge, compassion, integrity and charisma can be displayed in the delivery of professional service.

My opinion of him has not changed, with the exception that now I can add life experience to that list.

  • David Cubilla
    David Cubilla

    Owner & Principal - TGS Financial Planning